Payment Policy

1. Terms and definitions

In the present Policy (hereinafter referred to as the «Policy”), unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms shall have the following meaning:

  • Service Uklon or Service - electronic system (marketplace), providing the possibility of information exchange between consumers and providers of passenger transportation services via the Portal or Mobile Apps;

  • Administrator or Reline - Reline Management Limited, a company established under the laws of Republic of Cyprus and duly registered at the address: Thasou, 3, Dadlaw House, 1520, Nicosia, Cyprus;

  • Portal - Website;

  • Mobile App - an application for mobile devices “Uklon” for iOS, Android and Windows;

  • User - any legally capable individual who is at least 18 (eighteen) years old at the moment of registration, who accepted the provisions of User’s Agreement and uses Services of the Portal and Mobile Apps;

  • Partner - legal entity or individual, which concluded a contract for the provision of information services to provide access to information on orders for the passenger transportation with Administrator or third party, authorized by the Administrator, via acceptation of Public Offer, placed on the Website of Administrator: or in Mobile App, or on websites of third parties, authorized by the Administrator for the provision of information services;

  • Services - passenger transportation services by automobile transport, ordered by the Users via the Portal and Mobile App and provided by the Partners

  • Personal Data - information or set of data about an individual who is identified or can be specifically identified with their use;

  • Bank Card - bank card of International payment system MasterCard, Visa;

  • International payment system - international payment systems MasterCard, Visa. Based on the context of this Policy, international payment systems are determined depending on belonging of the User's Bank card to a certain international payment system. Access to the international payment system is carried out by the Service with the help of third parties authorized to provide financial services and having appropriate permits and licenses.

2. General provisions

2.1. The payment for Services is carried out according to the fares rates, placed in the charter «About» of the Mobile App and on the Portal.

2.2. In periods of high demand for the Services (including, on holidays, on pre-holiday days, on days of mass events, at traffic jams, depending from the weather conditions and also in other cases) the fare rates can be increased. In such case while making an order by the User in the Mobile App and Portal shall arise the following notification: «Due to the high demand in your area fare rates were slightly increased. They are recommended for a quicker car supply and you can reduce the fare to the base, but searching time may significantly increase». The Administrator shall be entitled to make amendments to the abovementioned notification periodically. The User shall be entitled to correct the amount of proposed fare, using the functional capabilities of the App or Portal. While changing the route or extra waiting time, the trip сost shall be recalculated according to the fares. The User agrees, that in case of payment for the Services by a Bank card, the difference of recalculated сost will be automatically charged from his Bank card.

2.3. In accordance with the terms of the agreement for the relevant Services with the Partner and in accordance with the effective legislation the User shall have the obligation of payment for provided Services. The payment by cash is carried out by the User by direct transfer of cash funds to the Partner who provided the Service.

2.4. While availability of a technical possibility of making payments for the Services by Bank cards, the User shall be entitled to carry out the payment for provided Services via its Bank card. Wherein the Administrator shall act as an authorized representative (agent) of the Partner and shall carry out information and technological assistance to ensure the acceptance of payments via the Bank cards from Users and shall provide the opportunity to transfer such funds to the Partners for provided Services with the involvement of a specialized financial company, authorized to provide money transfer services.

2.5. While carrying out of the payments for the Services via Bank cards the User shall be obliged to comply with the established rules and requirements of the International payment systems as well as banks, issuing Bank cards, regulating carrying out of payments via the Bank cards.

2.6. The bank wire transfers via the use of Bank cards is carried out by the bank. The Administrator, being the Partner's agent, shall be solely responsible for the correctness of the Service cost’s determining and providing of abovementioned information to the bank.

2.7. This Policy in part of abovementioned obligations of the Administrator as the Partner’s agent is directed to provide the possibility of payment for the Services via the use of the Bank cards by the User.

2.8. While paying via the Bank card the User regardless of his legal status and civil capacity complies with the rules and restrictions, specified in this Policy.

2.9. The User gives its direct, unconditional and irrevocable consent to obey of all the provisions of this Policy by obey of the Requirements for ensuring the possibility of paying for the Services via the User’s Bank cards, specified in charter 3 of this Policy and/or by carrying out of paying for the Services via the use of the Bank cards. In case of the User’s disagreement with any provision of this Policy the User can’t use the service of Administrator.

3. The Requirements for ensuring the possibility of paying for the Services via the User’s Bank cards

3.1. For ensuring the possibility of carrying out payments for provided Services via the Bank card the User shall be obliged:

- to install on its personal mobile device (phone, smartphone, etc.) the Mobile App or to receive the access to the Service via the Portal;

- to register on the Portal or Mobile App indicating a mobile phone number;

- in User’s Profile in field «Payment cards» to mention the Bank card, via which in the future the User plans to pay for Services;

- while adding a Bank card the User is forwarded to the third parties’ form, authorized for providing of financial services, to enter a Bank card’s data: Number of card, Valid to, Card owner’s name, Secure code (CVV2).

If the Data, entered by the User, are valid and correct, the Bank card shall be successfully added to the User’s profile.

The Service shall not save and transfer the Users’ Bank cards’ data. All the Bank card’s data shall be transferred to the third parties’ form, authorized for providing of financial services.

The Administrator warrants, that the Mobile App, installed on the Client’s mobile device, shall transfer all entered Bank card’s data in unaltered form directly to the bank with the use of secure communication protocols.

3.2. The User shall be obliged to mention reliable and accurate information for ensuring the possibility of paying for the Services via the User’s Bank cards. The Administrator shall not be liable for reliability and accuracy of the information, provided by the User while registration as well as Bank cards’ data transferred by the User to the system.

3.3. While adding the Bank card the International payment system shall block the sum in the amount of 1,00 UAH, necessary for verification of card’s data; after successful transaction confirmation (confirmation of validity and activity of the Bank card) the blocking shall be canceled.

4. The order of payment for Services via Bank cards

4.1. The payment for provided Services via Bank cards is allowed exclusively while the availability of technical possibility and User’s compliance with the Requirements for ensuring the possibility of paying for the Services via the User’s Bank cards, provided by this Policy.

4.2. In the case of impossibility to make payment for the Services via the Bank card at any reason the User shall be obliged to pay by cash.

5. Warranties and liability

5.1. The Administrator shall not be liable for the working capability and ensuring safety and security of the transferred information while conducting payments via the User's Bank cards, as well as for the actions of the bank and the International payment systems, or other participants of the technical process of payments. All relations regarding payments via the Bank cards shall be regulated by the terms and conditions of International payment systems, obligatory for the User, and the User’s agreements with bank, issuing the User's Bank card.

5.2. The User shall be obliged not to transfer to the third parties its personal mobile device (phone, smartphone, etc.) with installed Mobile App. In case of loss of a mobile device with installed Mobile App, via which the User is intended to make payments for the Services via Bank card, the User shall be obliged to contact the bank immediately to block the Bank card.

5.3. Any actions, carried out from the mobile device of the User, that confirm the payment for provided Services, shall be deemed as the User’s actions. If the User has any suspicions regarding the safety of the Bank card use or its unauthorized use by the third parties, the User shall be immediately obliged to notify the bank, which issued the Bank card, and Administrator.

6. Confidentiality and personal data protection

6.1. Accepting this Policy, the User confirms, that he got acquainted and unconditionally confirms its consent with Confidentiality Policy, placed on the Portal and Mobile App.

7. Final provisions

7.1. The Administrator shall be entitled to engage subcontractors in the territory of certain countries for the purposes of Service, transferring the information to the Partners, Users support and Service’s support on the territory of such countries.

7.2. The present Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Issues other than regulated by this Policy shall be settled in accordance with the applicable legislation of Ukraine. All possible disputes arising from relations governed by this Policy shall be settled in the manner prescribed by the applicable legislation of Ukraine. Throughout the text of this Policy, unless expressly stated otherwise, the term "legislation" refers to the legislation of Ukraine.

7.3. All possible questions and complaints concerning this Policy are sent to the Customer service by phone +380 (93) 1771508 or by e-mail:

7.4. The Administrator may amend, supplement or in any other way modify the Policy without prior notification of the User.

7.5. The Policy with all amendments and supplements is posted on the Portal and Mobile Apps. Hereby the User consents to amendments and alterations of the Policy without receiving of any special confirmation of User.

7.6. In case one or more provisions of this Policy shall be deemed invalid or such as have no legal effect because of any reasons, it does not affect the validity or applicability of the other provisions of the Policy.

7.7. This Policy is executed in the Ukrainian language, but it is provided in Russian and English for familiarization. At inconsistency of the terms of this document in the Ukrainian language and its translation in English and Russian, only version in the Ukrainian language has legal force.

Revision dat:
Date of revision October 17, 2017.


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