Cancellation Policy

1. Terms and definitions

In the present Policy (hereinafter referred to as the «Policy”), unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms shall have the following meaning:

  • Service Uklon or Service - electronic system (marketplace), providing the possibility of information exchange between consumers and providers of passenger transportation services via the Portal or Mobile Apps;

  • Administrator or Reline - Reline Management Limited, a company established under the laws of Republic of Cyprus and duly registered at the address: Thasou, 3, Dadlaw House, 1520, Nicosia, Cyprus;

  • Portal - Website;

  • Mobile App - an application for mobile devices “Uklon” for iOS, Android and Windows;

  • User - any legally capable individual who is at least 18 (eighteen) years old at the moment of registration, who accepted the provisions of User’s Agreement and uses Services of the Portal and Mobile Apps;

  • Partner - legal entity or individual, which concluded a contract for the provision of information services to provide access to information on orders for the passenger transportation with Administrator or third party, authorized by the Administrator, via acceptation of Public Offer, placed on the Website of Administrator: or in Mobile App, or on websites of third parties, authorized by the Administrator for the provision of information services;

  • Services - passenger transportation services by automobile transport, ordered by the Users via the Portal and Mobile App and provided by the Partners

  • Order - an order on provision of the services on transportations of the Users and if necessary their baggage, structuring according to the required issues: itinerary, pick-up time, cost of the transportation, etc., performed by the Partner;

  • Bank Card - bank card of International payment system MasterCard, Visa;

  • International payment system - international payment systems MasterCard, Visa. Based on the context of this Policy, international payment systems are determined depending on belonging of the User's Bank card to a certain international payment system. Access to the international payment system is carried out by the Service with the help of third parties authorized to provide financial services and having appropriate permits and licenses.

2. Cancellation of the Order by the User

2.1. The User shall be entitled to cancel the Order, placed via Portal or Mobile App, before pick-up of the Partner’s automobile as well as after pick-up. In this regard the User clicks on the field «CANCEL» on the Mobile App or Portal.

2.2. The User is needed to choose the reason why the trip is canceled. If among proposed options no one suits, the User states his own reason in the line «Comment». After the User chooses or states the reason of cancellation of the trip, the Order shall be deemed canceled.

3. Refund, charge of funds in case of cancellation of the Order

3.1. The refund of payment for provided Services is not carried out.

3.2. In case of cancellation of the Order by the User before pick-up of automobile, the payment carried out via the Bank card refunds on the User’s Bank card not earlier than in 30 (thirty) minutes after cancellation of the Order.

3.3. While cancellation of the order by the User after pick-up of automobile is not through the User’s fault or in case of cancellation of the Order by the Partner, the payment carried out by the User via the Bank card refunds on the User’s Bank card provided that User applies to the Customer service by phone +380 (93) 1771508 or by e-mail address:

3.4. While cancellation of the order by the User after pick-up time of auto is through the User’s fault, including the case when the User did not appear at the specified address, the cost of pick-up of the automobile, depending on the class of the automobile according to the fares specified in the charter Fares of the Mobile Application and/or Portal, is charged from the User’s Bank card herewith the User fully and unconditionally agrees.

3.5. While paying for the Services via the Bank card the refund by cash is not allowed. The order of refund is regulated by rules of the International payment systems.

4. Final provisions

4.1. The Administrator shall be entitled to engage subcontractors in the territory of certain countries for the purposes of Service, transferring the information to the Partners, Users support and Service’s support on the territory of such countries.

4.2. The present Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Issues other than regulated by this Policy shall be settled in accordance with the applicable legislation of Ukraine. All possible disputes arising from relations governed by this Policy shall be settled in the manner prescribed by the applicable legislation of Ukraine. Throughout the text of this Policy, unless expressly stated otherwise, the term "legislation" refers to the legislation of Ukraine.

4.3. All possible questions and complaints concerning this Policy are sent to the Customer service by phone +380 (93) 1771508 or by e-mail:

4.4. The Administrator may amend, supplement or in any other way modify the Policy without prior notification of the User.

4.5. The Policy with all amendments and supplements is posted on the Portal and Mobile Apps. Hereby the User consents to amendments and alterations of the Policy without receiving of any special confirmation of User.

4.6. In case one or more provisions of this Policy shall be deemed invalid or such as have no legal effect because of any reasons, it does not affect the validity or applicability of the other provisions of the Policy.

4.7. This Policy is executed in the Ukrainian language, but it is provided in Russian and English for familiarization. At inconsistency of the terms of this document in the Ukrainian language and its translation in English and Russian, only version in the Ukrainian language has legal force.

Revision dat:
Date of revision October 17, 2017.


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